3M Factory Test Results
Test NameTest ConditionsTN 2023 Result
Water Resistance40C immersion, 240 hoursPass
Thermal Cycle Resistance30C 2 hours, RT .5 hours, 100C 2 Pass
 hours, RT .5 hours 
Heat Resistance100C, 240 hoursPass
Accelerated WeatheringSAE J1960Pass
Chipping ResistanceGravelometer, #7 crushed gravelPass
 50g, -20C, 2kg/cm2, 90 degree 
High Pressure Car Wash 7MPa, 8.6Vmin, RT, distance 
Resistance20cm, 30s, 30 degree, patternPass
 width 7cm 
Chipping Resistance & Gravelometer, #7 crushed gravel 
Salt Spray50g, -20C, 2kg/cm2, 90 degreePass
 followed by 480 hours in NaCl fog 
Salt Spray X cut on face of part and 35C, 5%Pass
 NaCl fog 480 hours 
Copper-Accelerated Acetic72 hours in CuC12 fg/gal andPass
Acid Salt SprayCH3COOH (acetic acid) 5ml/gal fog 
Test NameTest ConditionsTN 2023 Result
Initial State20C, 24 hoursExceeds OEM Specifications
Heat Resistance100C, 240 hoursExceeds OEM Specifications
Water Resistance40C immersion, 480 hoursExceeds OEM Specifications
Humidity Resistance50C, RH 95%, 240 hoursExceeds OEM Specifications
Hot Strength100C, 3 hoursExceeds OEM Specifications
Cold Strength-30C 3 hoursExceeds OEM Specifications
Thermal Cycle Resistance-30C 2 hours, RT 5 hours, 100C 2Exceeds OEM Specifications
 hours, RT .5 hours, 10 cycles 
High Pressure Car Wash7MPa, 8.6Vmin, RT, distanceExceeds OEM Specifications
Resistance20cm, 30s, 30 degrees, 7cm in 
 pattern width 

Field Testing Results

  • 201 cars in the field, with parts being applied since August 2004
  • Average days in the field, 279 days, maximum is 477
  • Average miles driven 19,520 with maximum 26,526 miles 
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